Cum Have Some Fun Sweetie

Cum Have Some Fun Sweetie

Last Oct I decided to take a break from phone sex and life in general.  My mother wasn’t feeling well and I really wanted to spend some time with her.  As many of you know this is my lifestyle and I had lost one of my long time devoted sissies to a terminal illness. I had known “Sissy Julie” for over 5 years and we have many wonderful memories. After Sissy Julie pasted I decided to take a long vacation and do some personal soul searching.

I did a lot of traveling and even went to Europe to meet a few slaves I had been in contact with over the years. I was wined and dined, pampered and adored for months! I then came back to awful winter weather here and decided to head down to South Florida for a bit. I thought about my life and have made a very large discovery….

I love being a Dominant Mistress. I love kinky phone sex and sharing so many wonderful experiences with you. My years at LDW have been wonderful and the truth is I missed the hell out of everyone.  So I’m back!

I do have many commitments but I will be available for calls at least four days a week. If you would like to arrange a call you can always email me at I do check email often. I’m still an early bird waking up at 6am so feel free to email me to arrange a special coffee date.  I will be available for appointments during the day. This includes weekends. Evenings I will be will my personal slaves.

Additionally I am once again offering ongoing training which includes assignments, daily reporting and lots of orgasm control. If you’re interested in tease and denial, chastity or ongoing sissy training drop me a line.

Feel free to ask questions in the comment area below.




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The Chastisement of Paul’s Small Cock


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Are All Cuckolds Sissies or Gay Cock Suckers?

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Are all sissies just cock sucking fags?

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