Sissy in Public ~ Wearing Heels in Public – Sissy Assignment


Photo above is Sissy Kylie wearing black patent high heels and jeans at the gas pump.

PLEASE as you complete the assignments be sure to post it in comments and tell me about it! Don’t leave out details because I want to hear about it.

This sissy assignment is not very hard. As you can see Sissy Kylie wore black jeans and black heels in this assignment that were less noticeable. I would have preferred a nice RED patent high heel.  In this assignment you shave your legs, put on pantyhose or stockings, panties, whatever clothes you want to wear and then your high heels. They need to be at least 3 inches.  You need to get into your car and complete one of the public high heel missions.

Below is your list. Pick one but do at least ONE or do them all. One each week.

  • Drive to the gas station, fill your car up and wash the windshield.
  • Go to a convenient store, walk in and buy a Popsicle.  Return to the car and suck on your treat feeling like a dirty little whore.
  • Drive to a nail salon, go in and get a pedicure.  YES wear your heels in and when you leave.
  • Park your car down the street and walk at least 2 blocks on a sidewalk.
  • Go into a shoe store and try on 3 pairs of ladies high heels. YES wear your heels in and when you leave.
  • Go into the mall and buy a new pair of panties.

Some are more daring than others. You have to do what feels comfortable for you yet at the same time the whole point of erotic humiliation is to get your blood pumping, face hot and clitty rock hard.

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3 comments to Sissy in Public ~ Wearing Heels in Public – Sissy Assignment

  • Randy

    I love walking my local mall in the late evening. I wear sexy stretch designer jeans with lots of lowers. I have a shaved head and I wear a bright pink baseball hat ( no wig ) with lipstick on. I wear a triple DDD size 44 bra and stuff it with my underwear. I go to a variety of fashonable clothing stores and ask the girls to help me pick out a blouse. One of them has changed her clothing line to a larger size to accomadate me. When I walk out I feel so sexy. I do stop men in their tracks and girls burst out laughing at me. I had a older guy follow me . I’m 50 with a beer belly. I love doing this.

  • Sissy Brenda

    I just got back from a trip out inspired by the assignment You posted. Since I had been out dressed up to get gas before I decided to take your challenge of going and buying panties. I started off by getting some Nair out and using it on everything from the neck down. Before I had only used it around my clit. Then after I had cleaned up and put on some Victoria Secret Blissful Moments lotion. Then I got out some tape and taped my clit back and inserted a butt plug. I put on my white bikini panties and a leopard print bra. I stuffed the bra then put on my black thigh highs and my garter belt. I then put on my new black dress and a shoulder length blond wig. I then put my makeup on and my five inch black pumps and was out the door. Since it was after 10 pm I decided to go to a department store to get my panties. I stopped at a bank to use the ATM which was inside. As I was getting money a man who was cleaning walked past the door a few times and had to see me. I then went to the department store. I started to walk in and as soon as I got in the door my garter belt broke just as a lady was walking out. I went back to the car and removed the garter belt and stockings. I then proceeded to go in in the rest of my outfit and go to the lingerie which was on the far side of the of the store. I then looked around for a while and heard a few people snickering or making comments after they walked by. I picked up a couple pairs of pink lace boyshorts and headed for the register. The self checkout was open but I decided to wait in line for an actual cashier. There was only one guy in line so I didnt feel like it would be too bad. I got in line and someone got in line behind me. I looked back as the person in front of me was finishing up and there were now six customers behind me. My knees started shaking because I was so humiliated. I talked to the cashier as I checked out then had to go outside and walk the entire length of the store because they lockied the door by where I parked. I got in my car and came home. I put on one of my new pairs of panties and am going to bed with my clit stil taped back and unusable and still plugged.

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