Sissy Panty Shopping ~ Sissy Assignment

sissy ruffled panties sissy panties with ruffles

It is important that you follow my assignments exactly as they are laid out.  If you can’t handle a little embarrassment then you shouldn’t be at my humiliated sissy blog.  I am only interested in training sissies that truly want to please me and make me happy.  Humiliation and sissification is a huge turn-on for me. The steps arranged in the assignments are there as fore-play for both of us. In addition to following the steps I want you to come back here, to this post or the post for each assignment and post your report. You report should include the day you went and any details. I WANT details and I want to know how humiliating it was, how it made your face hot and your clitty throb.

Now for the sissy panties assignment.

You may shop at the following stores: Macy’s ,  Target , Sears, JC Penny’s – NOT Walmart. The larger the store the larger the selection.

Prior to going to the store you must take a bubble bath. Even if your tub is small and you’re large, you will make a pretty bubble bath and sit in it. Clean yourself well.  If you are single I prefer you shave your legs and between your legs. Be sure to report the bath time and if you shaved or not.  Get dressed for the store.

When you get to the store your mission is to buy 3 pairs of panties. 1 White, 1 Pink, 1 Black and they must be full bottom.  I want you to find the prettiest panties you can find. I prefer you take a picture (just the panties) but if you can’t then fully describe them in your report.  Sissy panties should be pretty and fit correctly.  You must ask the sales person for help. Tell her you are purchasing panties for your wife. When asked what size she is tell them she is YOUR size. She may not believe you but its ok, she’ll help you. OR you can tell her that your wife caught you cheating and is teaching you a lesson by making you wear panties for a month. She will sympathize with your wife and find the frilliest panties she can find! (laughing) The more humiliating and sincere your story and report the more excited it will make me.  You DO want to make your Mistress happy don’t you?

Now go plan a day to buy panties. Once you’ve reported here (in comments section below) and I approve you will be rewarded. You must check back here in the comments section to see if I posted you a reward or punishment. If you like you can call me for your reward and to tell me about your assignment. This would make me very happy.

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