Sissy Wife Training ~ Sissy Maid Part One


Domestic Duties of a Sissy Wife

I have often said that if I ever do get married it would be to a sissy wife. I couldn’t imagine myself in any other kind of ongoing relationship. A sissy wife can wear many hats and provide me with the many things I need day to day. The only thing a sissy wive couldn’t really do is fuck me like a real man. So you can see the importance of a sissy wife also being a sissy cuck, sissy maid, doll, best friend and so many things! You’ve wife is FIRST your partner and BEST friend.  THEN if you have a sissy wife you have even more!

In the grand scope of things I opt to have it all rolled into one sweet precious silly sissy I can love, adore, humiliate and emasculate.  This training will involve articles, assignments and resources. Below is part one and I’ll be posting weekly. Please click “more” to read the entire article and listen to the free audio. I also LOVE your comments so please post them in the comments section.

Domestic Duties of a Sissy Wife

The picture above is actually one of my special sissies, however in this picture she is wearing a plain black dress. This is ok for everyday attire, however I much prefer a frilly sissified maids outfit. Why? Well because it turns me on to look at a very sissified male. It’s also essential that a sissy learn how to clean well without messy up her dress up. This is all part of the training. (see the dress below? This is perfect. Click the dress to see more)

In this training session we will address the proper attire for domestic servitude and being not only a sissy wife but a sissy maid.

Proper Attire for a Sissy Wife Maid

Must wear a frilly sissy maids outfit. This can french or a very sissified “young” ladies dress such as the type Joan Clever (Leave it to Beaver) would wear. The sissy maid must wear her hair up so it doesn’t get in the way and if needed wear a maids cap. The sissy maid must wear full bottom white panties or white rumba style panties. The sissy maid must also wear stockings, NOT panties. These can be stay up stockings or wear a garter belt if needed. The sissy must wear at least a 3 inch heel. A smaller heel may be approved by the mistress owner, however these shoes must be worn at all times.

Sissy Wife Training

It’s important for the sissy to look fresh and neat even while doing even the dirtiest housework. This is part of the training and practice she must endure. While practicing the sissy can wear an old dress but NEVER in front of mistress!

In part two we will get into the nitty gritty. Below is your assignment to practice being a sissy wife as well as an audio to motivate you.

Sissy Maid Assignment

Shave any male body hair. It’s important to keep smooth and free of any nasty filthy male hair. Place a cock ring (clitty ring) around girlie balls and clitty. Purchase a little bell to attach. (humiliated sissy )You can also use a nice ribbon with a bell attached but make sure you tie it tightly so it doesn’t fall off. Put a pussy plug inside with harness. CLICK HERE TO READ, BUY & LEARN

Get dressed in your frilly sissy maid outfit. If you are still practicing and home alone you can wear an older dress and then practice cleaning the tub, the toilet, floors (on your hands and knees scrubbing) without messing up your clothes. A good rule of thumb is to clean one thing, run to the bathroom and check, make sure you’re fresh and then move onto the next project.

In this assignment its all about the dress and sissy maid attire. Please leave your comments below. If you have pictures link them below. If you have video on You Tube send me the link so I can put here.  Be sure to subscribe to my blog below for updates to this blog.

If you are interested in personal one on one training for sissies that include public and private assignments call me. Our first call will be a chance to talk, get to know one another and perhaps play a bit. You’ll be given an assignment and asked to follow up in email. In between our calls I will give you assignments, however the first time you don’t follow orders or make excuses I will stop. If I am going to take my free email time with you then you need to be commitment and willing to make me happy too.


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