Toilet Sissy ~ Properly Cleaning the Toilet

Proper Toilet Cleaning is Sissy Work

Proper Toilet Cleaning is Sissy Work

When a sissy serves a mistress that sissy must cater to ALL the Mistress’s needs including taking care of her house.  Anywhere the Mistress places her beautiful bare skin the sissy must pay extra special attention to cleaning and making sure that every detail is attended to.  Especially the place she puts her royal derriere.  This lesson is the proper cleaning of a toilet.  The throne of your Goddess as she eliminates  her sacred waste.

First the sissy must dress in proper cleaning attire such as a french maids outfit or other domestic uniform.  This always includes proper hosiery and footwear.  Get your rubber gloves, cleaning supplies and toilet brush.  You kneel down next to the toilet. Put the cleaning solution in toilet and wipe the seat. You carefully brush the inside of the toilet making sure you clean it well. Next you need to flush all the chemicals out of the water. This might take 3 flushes. The same with the seat. You must wipe it with fresh water very well. You would not want any harsh chemicals getting on your mistress’s divine bottom. Even the air she breathes should never be polluted with harmful fumes.  To insure this does not happen you must first put your entire face into the toilet bowl’s water. Stick out your tongue and taste the water.  If you cleaned it properly you should be able to do this without harm. The water in the bowl is clean and if you flush it enough clear fresh water will fill into the tank. Lick the seat and make sure you don’t taste chemical. If not wipe it until you don’t.

Of course you should be wearing your pussy plug & harness always. This way your girl hole is always ready to be fucked by mistress’s strap-on dildo or mistress’s bull cock.

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