Being A Special Sissy Gurl

Meet my new sissy. As you can see this sissy is a very sissified sissy. This is EXACTLY the type of sissy I love. Not only are they exhibitionist and love showing off but they also provide me with hours of laughter and hotness.

This special little sissy needs a new name. I decided to let everyone help us pick a special sissy name. I want something that matches her personality yet at the same time need a very sissified name. If we pick your suggestion we’ll post it here!

In addition to the video I will tell you a little big about her and of course she will embellish in comments. Don’t let her cute little frilly dresses fool you! She is quite the little slut! She has an apt in DC and as you can see a web cam. Once we have a name this little nasty girl will be part of a special mission. Together we will hunt a BIG COCK for her to suck on cam for me. This is REALLY going to happen. I might even invite others to come in and watch too! Don’t you just love a good sissy show?

But first things first. We need a name and a bit of training. Some of her training will be reported right here so check back. You may also post ideas and tips to exhilarate her training. For instance we need to teach her to deep throat. I sometimes use a toothbrush in the back of the throat , brushing back all the way towards the back to calm the gag reflex. Perhaps you have some tips you’d like to share? We will also be training in clitty control and if she can’t keep her dirty little fingers off MY PROPERTY we may need to use a device.

So stay tuned for the action and don’t be shy! Post a comment and subscribe.



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