Being the Girl ~ having your period sissy assignment

Part of being a girl is going through what all girls go through. This also means the good and the bad. One of the most uncomfortable things a girl goes through is her monthly period. Although it can be painful, uncomfortable and embarrassing, the fact remains that nothing makes you feel more feminine and like a woman then having your monthly. This lesson is about setting your days and how to full experience this very sacred rite of passage for a woman. This isn’t something you want to shame you but a moment for celebration!

Women have their periods 4 to 7 days out of every month.  Some women are cyclic with the moon having it on a full moon but you can decide which is better for you. A younger woman goes longer and as she gets older gets shorter. A sissy should time this with the moon and at least 5 days. Like all women you need your special period panties. These panties depend on the type of pad or tampon you’re wearing. Even when wearing a tampon you should also wear a panty shield in case you leak. Do not wear you pretty panties! They can get messy and we wouldn’t want that!

Pick a time of the month for your period. Mark it on your calendar. Make sure you have all your supplies. Keep your pussy nice and clean. There are several feminine washes you can use to make yourself fresh and clean. Then the day of your period put in your tampon or get a stick on pad. If you want to do it the old fashion way use a kotex and belt made to keep it in place.You should change your tampon or kotex at least 3 times a day.

Now post your comments about your period. Your dates, any cramping and embarrassing moments.



4 comments to Being the Girl ~ having your period sissy assignment

  • KellyCT

    Well yesterday was quite the day my mistress had me start my monthly period
    She made up a mixture of red jello and mineral oil and inserted close to 32 oz in my bottom and had me insert a regular tampon and super maxi pad in my panties.
    Well the cramping started almost immediately.
    i got dressed and we headed out to do some shopping and head to the salon so i can get waxed and a pedicure
    while at the salon i started to feel very uncomfortable and felt my pad fill up so I headed to the bathroom to clean up with mistress. while in the restroom she told me to hold it in and change my tampon and pad, while inserting a little more fluid.
    well after getting getting cleaned up and i was getting my waxing i felt the cramps coming and a little wetness, good thing everything held up.
    Our next stop was the mall while walking around i could feel a the wetness and we headed to the restroom where i changed again and she inserted a little more fluid.
    well about 45 minutes later the cramping got really bad and and i had some very bad leakage the tampon and pad could not hold anymore and leaked allover. my panties and leggings were covered in red gooey mess.
    So we headed into a Target and she had me purchase some new panties, leggings and some depends underwear for woman.
    once cleaned up we continued our day I was forced to wear the wear the wet diaper until we got home later in the afternoon.
    Well today is day 2 and I made it the gym and back with no leaks.
    Today she gave me a a super tampon and an overnight pad to wear for the day .

  • Vicky Kotex

    Dear Mistress

    I have just found your blog and think it absolutely wonderful that you are encouraging all sissies to have their periods.

    I started at 13 when my cousin put me in one of her belts and napkin. I had been dressing with her knowledge since 11. It was the most wonderful day of my life when she decided I should start. At first it was only when I was at her house and she was on. Then at 15 after Mother found out and OK’ed it I began having full time periods timed to my cousin’s. 15th to the 22nd.

    I wear at least bra and panties full time now and use light days for most of the month but for my period I use maxi pads and the new style belt. Of course femine wipes and FDS are staples along with a pre period douche and of course a good douche following my period.

    I felt more female than male since I can remember but when I started my period it made me feel just so feminine and wonderful. I have since tried many methods of simulating a flow,cramps and such and now after a few years actually experience pre menstrual symptoms. I use 10 cc of a mixture of water tomato juice and colouring 2 times daily day 1,2 and 3. 1 time days 4, 5 and 6. Days 1,2,3 I use both pads and tampons and 4,5,6 just pads. Day 7 I can go back to a tampon and light days pad.

    I have a weeks worth of period panties and bras. They are a size smaller ( bloating) and the bras have a small scrub pad in the cup which helps irritate my nipples.

    I have a neighbour friend who knows I have my period and her’s comes 2 to 3 days later than mine. When she starts she comes to my place and we have period nights. She even suggested I wear her used pads these nights. The first time I put on that pad with her flow in it was like heaven. I actually began to cry. I felt so womanly, femmy and wonderful.

    BTW I have not and will not for any reason miss my period. When my cousin calls to tell me I am starting I start.

    Also as of 1 year ago my cousin had me start taking the pill on a regular cycle.

    I love my sissy life and all things sissy


    Vicky Kotex

  • chrisanne

    What a wonderful and humiliating assignment, Mistress! i will start my period tomorrow, after i buy the tampons and shields. i will keep You informed in my humility. Thank You!

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