Sissy Gets Her Hair Done at The Salon

Oh no sissy that hair just won’t do! If you’re going to be MY girl then you need to do something with that HAIR. Your mother asked me to help you out, normally she would take you, knowing what a sissy girl you are BUT I’ve been asked to step in and make sure it’s done properly. You see darling that hair you have, although short, I know the right stylist can work wonders with it.

First she will sit you in the shampoo chair, wash your hair, towel dry it and then sit you in the chair. She will then put styling lotion in your hair so it sets well. She will then carefully part and pick up the pieces and carefully place a roller in the strand and wrap it. each section will carefully be considered as she pulls it up, prepares the roller and then wraps your hair. Once your head is full of rollers she will place you under the hair dryer. You will sit there with the other women reading Cosmopolitan and other girlie magazines.

Once you are dried she will sit you in the chair, comb and begin to tease your hair into a nice girlie style. She will put hairspray and other adornments until you look like a REAL girl.  You will soon be the perfect sissy girl for your mistress and all the boys will flirt with you. You might even look so pretty that you’ll be the perfect sissy cuckold or cute little tramp your mistress has always wanted.



2 comments to Sissy Gets Her Hair Done at The Salon

  • Josephine

    I agree. Nothing makes you feel more girlie then a trip to the salon. You don’t even have to go dressed. Just being there with all those women, getting pretty is an awesome experience. Of course no sissy can resist at least getting a mani and a pedi.

  • BlondeAngela

    It is a must for a femme gay sissy to be feminized to the maximum, to dress, look, and act as a lady, and look beautiful and feminine for the sort of handsome masculine men who love ladyboys.
    Going to the beauty salon is wonderful. Getting your hair done, nails done, etc. is lovely, it is wonderful being pampered and made to be ladylike.

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