Sissy Advice: should all sissies wear a chastity device?

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Dear Goddess Josephine,

Should all sissies wear a chastity device and if so, what is good model that you’d recommend?

Also, how should a sissy be punished if he’s misbehaved – are self spankings given at a mistresses direction and with her watching (possibly via webcam) appropriate?

Thank you,

Sissy Brad

Dear Sissy Brad,

Yes, I absolutely think that an owned sissy slave should wear a chastity device. This keeps the sissy focused and mindful of his place. He should never be permitted to touch his little clitty without permission. He should also be kept in a perpetual state of arousal making his service more enthusiastic.

I prefer The Curve-(click to see it here). Unlike the CB6000 it has more venting and openings to allow air flow (this additionally create arousal) and easier to keep the sissy clitty clean. When you shower you can simply use a blow dryer to remove moisture and keep from chaffing. I like this set because it also has the number serial tags. Once a tag is placed in the lock holes it can not be taken off without cutting it. When placed on a proper cock control inspection program this is very effective.

I also think the sissy should be plugged. Anal Plug Master (Click to see) If you click the link and look at the Anal Plug Master with inflatable butt plug, you’ll see a harness that holds a butt plug into the sissy hole. This harness can also hooked to the chastity device and insures that the butt plug can’t come out. The harness locks on so that the sissy can not remove the plug.  I like the fact that its inflatable and can be used as reward or sissy punishment.

Sissy Control and Punishments

I think that any owned property, ESPECIALLY a sissy should be on a program of punishment and reward. Personally I think its boring to punish a sissy just for the sake of doing it. I prefer always engaging the sissy in assignments where he earns reward or punishment. This creates such a wonderful dynamic between Mistress and sissy.

The worse punishment is denial. In no way will I allow the little bitch to control how I enslave him. When I give punishment and reward I do it REALLY and punishment can be physical , emotional or both. Even online and phone sissies are given task and must provide adequate reporting. I enjoy watching them on cam doing humiliating or cute task. I love the look on their face when they are being punished. I’ve had sissies spank themselves with wooden spoons and paddles while on cam, however if I’m not happy with the results I make them start over until they get it right. I want that little bitch’s ass to feel sore for at least 24 hours. Everything time he sits down he’ll think of  me!




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6 comments to Sissy Advice: should all sissies wear a chastity device?

  • Carmelo

    Goddess, I would love to be locked by you but how could this be achieved if I’m married? Is there still a way to wear a chastity device for you?

  • sissy brad

    thank you empress for answering my question. as a follow up, wanting to start out with assignments and humiliations, but unsure where to start. For a newbie, should they be way ot there assignment or ones that build up slowly and increase in intenstity and revealing me to be a little sissy girl? Same with humiliations, should they build up slowly, moving from private to more public settings to just jump right in? on both, are real time assignments with mistress/empress watching via webcam the most appropriate or should they start out off line?

    I have fantasy about self spanking, punishments, and humiliation that is directed by mistress via webcam, but not usre if better to start off with something else first.

  • sissy brad

    for empress and others to offer comments – what is the best way to start for assignments and humiliations?

    so much to ponder as i want to start out on this –

    Are on line assignments preferred over off line, should they be real time with mistress on the phone or watching via webcam?

    should the assignments be in private or public settings?

    i’e not done any real assignments, or experienced domination, punishment, and humiliation really – so unsure of the best place to start

    any thoughts from anyone?

  • sissy brad

    thank you so much for your answer empress. I must confess that I read that the curve is good for those well endowed and I am but a small one! Your audio on edging and total cock control was enough to put me over the edge. I would love to do assignments for you and be humiliated on web cam!!

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