Guys Who Eat Their Own Cum – Are You a Cum Guzzler?

Are You a Cum Guzzler? Guys that eat their own cum is a hot topic these days and the reasons why they do it. Are they into the taste of their own cum or is there a mental mindset? In this article we explore the different ways it can be done and who’s enjoying it the most; him or her?

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7 comments to Guys Who Eat Their Own Cum – Are You a Cum Guzzler?

  • I’ve been very happily slurping my own cum for over 30 years. At first I’d lose interest in eating my thick white semen as soon as I’d unload. Eventually, I got better at cumming and tasting the salty sweetness. By far, my favorite way to dine on my own jizz (and have prostate shuddering orgasms) is to masturbate right up to the point of orgasm, then go just enough over the limit to ejaculate – but not have a full-strength pc-muscle orgasm. This gives me almost all of the orgasm, a mouth watering spermy load, and no less eagerness to feed.

    In the past, I tried the acrobatics of shooting directly into my open mouth, but it just wasn’t fun or comfortable. Freezing is fun once in a while but too much trouble most of the time. My thick creamy loads of sperm taste best as soon as I can get them into my mouth and onto my tongue. The warmth, texture, and taste are very exciting to me. Sometimes, I get so horny that I’ll snort some of my cum.

    All that orgasm practice led to recently having actual extended/multiple orgasms where I can ejaculate for 3-4 minutes of non-stop nut draining bliss. I owe it all to slurping my own sperm over the years. Seriously, if I’d have know how great things would work out, I’d have guzzled every gush of baby batter my penis ever launched. My lesson learned: EAT YOUR SEMEN WHEN YOU MASTURBATE!

  • susan9316

    You know i will eat my sissy cream for you any time and in any way your instruct me. But, of course, only if and when release is permitted as any orgasms i may have belong totally to you

  • susan9316

    Dear Empress Josephine

    I am looking forward to your guidance in improving as a cum eater. I have tasted my cum on several occasions but need to do a better job at eating it all. I am working on my feminization and on being a better sissy girl. My thinking is that as an affirmation of my sissiness and as a proud expression of my desire to submit and serve as a sissy girl who makes no further claims on being a real man, I need to eat all of my cum whenever release is permitted. Hoping you can help in me journey.


  • Oh my god this topic makes me so hot! I’m saving this sissy task for the right femdom!

  • sissy julie

    Yes, i am a learning to be a cum guzzler. i have sucked cock before twice in my life but never on a regular basis. As I have matured, embraced and accepted the reality of Female Supremacy, i am learning and practicing many skills including being a creative and eager cocksucker and cumslut, for women’s entertaiment and amusement as well as to service their bulls for them.

    To compliment the cocksucking, i regularly ruin my own orgasms. This allows me a good supply of cum without recieving any real pleasure, and by ruining them i find i can get a higher volume of cum. i use it to practice cum play techniques – kissing it, licking, wearing it, but always make sure every possile drop ends up going down my throat.

    Many of my meals have cum as an ingredient and for a salad, cum is the only dressing i use. i often ruin a full orgasm into a sports bottle as part of a protein smoothie which i’ll drink later in front of female co-workers or female friends. i think it’s kind of funny they have no idea i’m drinking my own cum for them, right before them.

    i find now that if i go more than a few days i begin to crave the taste of cum. i think eating my own cum helps me become a good cum guzzler and a better cumslut for my Mistress.

  • sissy brad

    Like all of your audios, Goddess Josephine’s audios, this one had me thinking you were right there standing over me. Punishments, scolding, orgasm control, and some unique guided masterbation all add up to highly recommended audio for all to buy. you’ll be listening to this again and again.

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