Sissy Monthly Period Program

Every sissy should be prepared to act like a girl. Being a real girl means you must have a monthly sissy period.  Days will be selected for your sissy monthly period and you’ll be required to do this every single month and chart just like a girl. It includes a tip/assignment on how to have a real flow & messy pad just like a GIRL!

This is an audio that prepares you to start the program. In the audio you will be sent on an assignment and given detailed instructions on what to buy and how to prepared.  It will also instruct you how and what to post. You will be permitted to email me after you carefully listen to the audio.  Then you will post here in comments. How many of you have your period now?

Click here to buy the audio assignment and begin your journey to sissification today!

Those of you who have listened can chart your monthly progress and report below in comments. Please do not chart your progress if you have not been enrolled, however please feel free to ask questions or share tips.


12 comments to Sissy Monthly Period Program

  • victoria

    Dear Mistress Josephine

    I have been having my period now for some years. My cousin helped me along at 13 when I saw her in her belt and napkin. I wanted so bad to be like her that she allowed me to wear one of her spare belts and a napkin, while at her house and of course dressed as a girl. Since then I have notr missed a period. No matter where i am or what I’m doing when my period is due, I am ready, Maxi pads and tampons at the ready. For the rest of the month I use lighter regular pads. I still prefer belted pads as I think they are much more feminine. Of course the feel of a thick pad between my legs and how it feels on my clitty enhances my status as a sissy.

  • tifffy

    perhaps we could chat sometime

  • tifffy

    So how do you know when to use a pad or a tampon?

  • tifffy

    So I downloaded pink pad app on my phone. There is a forum and I put an introduction as to yes I am male, but very feminine. Some women ate ok and some just think that I am being just a perveted freak or something. So why would some seem to be really upset like it ruined their day, lol. maybe i should put football is only played by men and thrse females shouldnt be allowed, lol.

  • sissybrad

    First sissy period is now complete. did douche at end of day 6 – really made me quesy for rest of the day. just now feeling back up to normal. Experience was sure different and have new appreciation for what women go through I think.

  • sissybrad

    posting for the last several days as gave been away at relatives for the Christmas holiday. days 3 & 4 less eventful as I only wore the maxi pads and stopped the tampons (anal hold still very sore). Day 5 (yesterday) and now day 6 are down to light days pads – very comfortable! on all, changing every 4 hours and also not doing the coloring/mineral oil enema. will do cleanse after day 6 with vinegar/water douche.

  • sissy brad

    This is the second blog post update on my sissy period.

    I started the morning by again myself twenty smacks with a wooden spoon on my balls to get them nice and warm. I then mixed up the oil and food coloring, adding more coloring the second day to get more realistic effect, color wise. I plugged the hole with a tampon and placed an overnight pad into panties. I felt a bit quesy throughout the morning as I tried to add more fluid today than yesterday – may have been too much

    I changed the tampon/pad after three hours as it was leaking a bit and put on another tampon and pad. This pad/tampon stayed on for the rest of the workday until I got home from the office.

    I did the last change this evening and will keep the pad on overnight. I forgot to do another round of smacks to my balls until I wrote this post and will do so before heading to bed.

  • sissybrad

    This is the first blog post update on my sissy period. I’ve listened to Goddess Josephine’s audio instructions on the process and began my first day today, 12/21/10.

    I had purchased tampons and maxi/overnight pads already, but went to the drugstore to get a belt and douche kit. The clerk was startled when I asked about a belt and said they don’t carry that sort of thing anymore (she was older). I did mange to find one on line after returning home and ordered it so will be set for period #2 next month! I found a vinegar/mater douche kit and mineral oil and purchased those. I stopped by the grocery store and bought some purple food coloring (they were out of red).

    I started the morning by giving myself twenty fast smacks with a wooden spoon on my balls to get them nice and warm – I am such a wimp as they hurt and I confess that I didn’t smack them as hard as I probably should have. I then mixed up the oil and food coloring. I added to the douche kit and inserted a small amount into my sissy pussy. I immediately plugged the hole with a super tampon and placed an overnight pad into my hi cut panties. I am thinner guy and cannot hold much liquid, so starting out with less and hope to work my way up to more.

    I changed the tampon/pad after two hours as it was leaking and put on another tampon and pad, this time putting small amount of ky jelly on the pad for some wetness (saw this on line when reading about what sissies try to do to emulate a woman’s period. This pad/tampon stayed on for 4 hours up to near the end of the day at work. I went into the men’s room (would get into big time trouble if I tried to enter the woman’s room as our restrooms are common shared by multiple tenants, including a state police investigation division field office! The pads sure make louder noise when taking them off and the tampon wrappers were noticeably crinkly as well – not the typical sounds you hear in a men’s restroom! The pad was not too uncomfortable, though did feel weird, especially when sitting down or going up/down the stairs.

    I did the last change this evening and will keep on the pad only overnight. The tampons will take some getting used to as that area was very sore/tender after wearing one all day. I completed the evening with another twenty strokes on my balls.

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