Cuckold Sissy Party & Extreme Heat

Orgasm Control Mistress Josephine

Extreme Heat

Thank you for all your emails checking on me during these awesome summer storms. Losing power when the temps hit three digits is not fun, especially when you have as many animals as I do. Luckily my property also has a very large creek that is ice cold. So we all went down to the creek, placed a few beach chairs right in the water and waited. Many are still without power, however mine has been restored.

I have a few of you on orgasm control programs. I am checking email. The bad news is I am going out of town Tuesday until Thursday. I have been invited to spend a few days on Long Island in South Hampton. Do you remember last summer when I went to the cuckold party? It’s the same people but a much smaller and more intimate group. I am taking my friend Angie and she is looking forward to exploring the cuckoldress within! Again I will be checking email but there could be a 24 hour period I won’t be as quick.

I do have an assignment for all of my orgasm control and ongoing control pets. You can NOT cum. If you have the 7 Day Tease and Denial program you are permitted to look at photos and listen to audios but NO cumming until I return. To keep cool you can wear silky panties then email me a picture for a special tease and denial email IF I’m not busy.

I will also resume sissy training when I return.


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