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Single call fantasies for orgasm release are entertaining, fun and serve your sexual needs. Masturbation is a necessary and healthy part of sexual fulfillment. Phone fantasy is a wonderful tool to seduce your imagination and sexually interact without a commitment or hassle. But what if you need more than a quick orgasm?

Dominance and submission is a dynamic where two opposites come to together to experience each other and within that experience find balance. It can stimulate so many emotions; fear, comfort, guilt, freedom, arousal and intense highs and lows. As with any relationship it requires two healthy humans to engage in the dynamic as they carefully establish a foundation of trust. Because it’s taboo and surfaces feelings of guilt it’s often not supported as a “real” relationship. Without the proper steps it’s easy to become overwhelmed and before you know it you’re purging and running away only to find yourself back in the same place six months later. It’s part of you just like its part of me. It’s not going to go away.

What if I could show you how to explore the very aspects of deep submission safely and without interrupting your already existing environment? Are you married and unable to introduce your wife to your sexual/emotional/spiritual needs? Do you worry that maybe you’ll go too far, spend too much money and that you’ll find yourself lost and lose everything? The way I see it you’re already tore and realizing you need to somehow figure this out.

I could spend my time collecting your money by the minute and be done with it. Let’s face it, I’m a good phone actress regardless of the content and although I love my job BUT it is still my work. I provide a service to you. But I also realize that I too, just like you, have needs and desires. So what could be better then somehow combining these so that we both get what we need? We both know it’s sexual but it’s also something so much more. It’s a journey that can be beneficial for both of us. If it isn’t constructive then it’s useless.

I require a commitment and total femdom control. No two relationships are alike; however the general structure and guidelines may seem the same. Therefore we could have almost any type of relationship that involves me being in control; however the general rules are always the same.  It can be a seductive mild interaction or a more intense femdom relationship. The actual program and details are private and only available to those that pass the original initiation.

updated 01/28/2013

I am exhausted from sissies thinking that this is the path for them but after a few weeks they exit. This program is time consuming and can be emotional. there is nothing wrong with wanting to play part time. Most people do this anyhow. If your sissy self only emerges a few days a months then stick with audios and phone sex.  I am happy to design a program to help you do this safely. If you truly need ongoing control, a real mistress/slave relationship I am willing to train you, teach you and help you find the woman of your dreams IF you are not married and you can follow my guidelines for a period of three months. This is an investment of time and money for both of us. If dabbling and playing is what you really want then just please be honest.

In order for me to agree to take you on an ongoing journey you must complete at least 3 Sissy Assignments and arrange at least a 30 min call to discuss the rules. Longer is better. If you like you can place a call and then start your assignments.


17 comments to Ongoing Sissy Training

  • Jeanie with the Teeny Weenie

    Saturday Night February 24, 2011
    Custom Assignment

    • My name is Jeanie with the Teeny Weenie
    • Number of Days since I last squirted: 5
    • Method of last squirt: Masturbating alone while looking at BDSM porn on the Internet.
    • My assignment today February 25, 2012 was a combination of 3 different assignments from the “Sissy Boot Camp” assignments. The combination included number 4 “Sex Shop Shopping”, 5 “Sissy Cock Hunter” and 7 “Sissy Buys Lipstick”.
    • This assignment started at my home. I first needed to find a feminine blouse to wear (See attached photo) and insert on tampon into my sissy whole hole. Next, I was to go to a CVS type store and purchase bright red lipstick and condoms. Upon completion of purchase, I had to find a mirror in the store and apply the red lipstick. (see attached photo) I then had to drive to the sex shop Playtime Boutique in Edison. (see attached photo). Once at the Sex Shop, I was requirered to do two things. First buy a minimum 7” realist cock with help from a sales person and second give out non reciprocating blow jobs.
    Entering the store at a little before 8 PM, I noted there were three couples. At the counter was a well-built smartly dress man in his early twenties, his name was Steve. I explained that I was looking for the most realistic 7” dildo there had. Steve step from behind the counter and took me to the dildo area. There he started pointing out the different types and what he felt were the most realistic. I had tipped him at the end $5 for being so helpful. I was sold on Doc Johnson Original “The Realistic Cock”.This cock was 8” with a pair of balls and a suction cup at its base. The box indicated it was hand detailed capturing every vein, bulge and crease of a real cock. It came in a very dark chocolate color (see attached photo). I walked around the store finding my way to the gay porn section and then made my way over to the video booth area. There I purchased $30 of tokens and reviewed the titles of the moves playing. I chose “I’ve Never Done This Before”. (See Attached Photo). I enter the booth, inserted tokens into the coin slot; picked the channel the video was on, put up the volume and keep the door open at least 12”. I seat in the metal folding chair for over forty minutes. I left the booth and walked around the store again. This time there were quite of few more couples. I keep my head up and I did notice that I was eyed by everyone. I went back into the booth area and seat down again. Three people came into the booth area. None of them came into my booth. Each went into their own booth and watched either girl on girl or guy on girl videos. After over an hour and all $30 of tokens I left the booth area and again walked into the store. After noticing the many couples I left the store with just an 8” dark chocolate cock and 6 condoms. I FAILED AT MY ASSIGNMENT! I DID NOT SUCK ONE COCK!
    • While completing my assignment I was wearing, a panda bear print, pink and green blouse, bright red lipstick, jeans, a pink flower print pair of panties and top sides with no socks.
    • I used no toys in this assignment.

    At the beginning of this assignment I was quite scared. Once I had gotten the blouse on and the tampon in, I was more at ease. Once I applied the lipstick in the store and those few people there saw me I was ready to meet the challenge of this assignment. I firmly believed I wanted to suck as many cocks as I would be able to. I was very disappointed by the fact I did not get to suck not one cock.

    Sissy Slave,
    Jeannie with the Teeny Weenie

  • Jeanie with the Teeny Weenie

    My name is Jeanie with the Teeny Weenie
    Days since I last squirt: 1
    Method of last squirt: Masturbation looking at pictures of Goddess Josephine.
    I masturbated for assignment number 9 “Sissy Cream Diet”.
    This assignment required me to consume by sissy cream. I was to be as creative as possible finding new ways to consume my cream. The assignment was for nine days but, at Goddess Josephine orders, I stopped at eight.
    While completing my assignment I was wearing nothing and was not using any tools but my hand and pictures of Goddess Josephine.
    Day 1 I ate cream and celery. Day 2, I split open a Cadbury Cream Egg and replaced their cream with mine. Day 3, I have a bagel with jelly and Sissy Cream. Day 4, I put my Sissy Cream into a donut. Day 5, I had Sissy Cream on my cheerios and bananas. Day 6, I replaced the cream in an Oreo with my Sissy Cream. Day 7, I had fruit and Sissy Cream and on Day 8, I brushed my teeth with my Sissy Cream; And yes I shallow.

  • susan9316

    Dear Goddess Josephine

    It has been 14 days since my last orgasm.

    i hop it is okay to share some things i have been fantasizing about:

    - kissing your beautiful ass with my face and tongue as deep as possible to demonstrate my status and what i will do to please you.
    - being a pretty sissy girl
    - shopping with you and the sales assistant laughing as you hold up things for me to buy.
    - following behind you naked at a party, with you holding the leash attached to your sissy stick
    - publicly displaying my devotion to you, perhaps kissing your feet in the restaurant or having you point out my lingerie to the waitress.
    - making you wet.
    - being a good wife
    - adoring you
    - serving your friends while wearing the outfit of your choosing and making you proud.
    - being on that platform you describe, being transformed into a woman by your hands and absorbing superior feminine energy.
    - being able to sniff your panties and thanking you for the privilege.
    - eating my sissy cream for you.
    - licking you clean after you and your lover have made love.
    - submitting to your every whim.


    susie q
    Property of Goddess Josephine

  • Fritz

    I aM frUstRatEd. i Am fRuStRaEd. i Am fRusTraTed. I am FruStrAteD. i aM frUstAteD. i aM frUstRatEd. i Am fRusTraTed. I am FruStrAteD. i aM frUstRatEd. i Am fRusTraTed. I aM frUStAteD. i aM frUstRatEd. i Am fRusTraTed. I am FruStrAteD. i aM frUstRatEd. i Am fRusTraTed. I am FruStrAteD. I aM frUStAteD. i aM frUstRatEd. i Am fRusTraTed. I am FruStrAteD. I aM frUstRatEd. i Am fRusTraTed. I am FruStrAteD. i aM frUstRatEd. i Am fRusTraTed. I am FruStrAteD. i aM frUstRatEd. i Am fRusTraTed. I am FruStrAteD. i aM frUstRatEd. i Am fRusTraTed. I am FruStrAteD. i aM frUstRatEd. i Am fRusTraTed. I am FruStrAted. I aM frUstRatEd. i Am fRusTraTed. I am FruStrAteD. i aM frUstRatEd. i Am fRusTraTed. I am FruStrAteD. i aM frUstRatEd. i Am fRusTraTed. I am FruStrAteD. i aM frUstRatEd. i Am fRusTraTed. I am FruStrAteD. i aM frUstRatEd.

  • susan9316

    Dear Goddess Josephine

    It has has been 14 days since my last orgasm.

    Report on Assignments

    1. Coffee for Goddess
    i have just sent you a gift card since sending you coffee has become a problem. Hopefully, this will help you to solve the problem.

    2. Use lavender scented Secret deodorant

    i am using this every day.

    3. Request assignment to purchase dildo. Beg for a fantasy call

    i am hoping you will be available for a call on Thursday morning at about 7:15 am. perhaps you will give me instructions at that time.

    Dear Goddess it has been sooo long since my last orgasm. i will do anything for you. i am under your total control and i think about you all the time. i am begging you for a call in which you make sure that i am in my place as your sissy slave and obeying you completely. Your beauty and sexual power are incredible. take me further into your web. please make me more girlie, please emasculate me. please make me show you my devotion to you. take my virgin ass, make me show myself to the world as your puppet, make me eat my sissy cream, shop for girlie clothes, kiss your beautiful ass and more. anything. instruct me, humiliate me, allow me release or deny me. You are my Goddess. You embody Female supremacy and i am your pathetic sissy girl wannabe begging you to tease and use me. i am at your mercy.

    5. Meditation

    i am continuing to meditate daily and am working to improve as i do so.

    I hope you do not mind that in my email to you i included a couple of pictures of your sissy stick appropriately marked as your property.


    susie q

    Property of Goddess josephine

  • susan9316

    Dear Goddess Josephine

    It has been 8 days since my last orgasm.

    I am glad that you received the bag and that you think it is a nice one. I apologize that it is not what you were wanting me to find for you. i look forward to speaking with you to receive your instructions and would be thrilled to be on the phone with you when i purchase it, though i should probably be nervous about that. It will take me a few days to be able to make arrangements but i look forward to the opportunity to obey you. In the meantime your occupy my thoughts throughout the day and i am proud to be in training as your sissy slave.


    susie q

    Property of Goddess Josephine

  • susan9316

    Dear Goddess Josephine

    It has been 8 days since my last orgasm.
    Please forgive me for not posting sooner. With a house full of company and the easing of my w’s business travel it is more difficult to find time. i need to reorganize to attend to my devotions to you. You are hugely important to me and i want to do my best to please you.

    Report on Assignments
    1. Request assignment to buy myself a dildo. Goddess i will be going to an adult store and i look forward to your instructions. Thank you for your considerations.
    2. Shopping for a bag for you i did buy you a bag that i hope you like. It arrived at LDw last Wednesday and hopefully it will arrive soon.
    3. Buy lavender scented Secret deodorant. i completed this assignment and am using it each day. i love the slight touch of a feminine scent during the day helpng remind me of you and moving along on a path of feminiAtion.
    4. Compile story of Mark and Larue. i need sone extended private time on my computer to do this and i will complete as soon as i can.
    5. Meditation i am meditatinbg daily as you have instructed. i have missed day a here and there but i am grateful for this discipline and the thoughts of you that often come to me.

    susie q
    Property of Goddess Josephine

    • I did get the bag. It’s not really what I was looking for but nice and thank you. When we talk I’ll instruct you on the dildo. Even better I’d like to be on the phone with you when you purchase it.

  • suzie q go to sensualroleplay and compile all the parts of my story about larue and mark into one doc then email it to me

  • Fritz

    I aM frustrated. I aM frustrated. I aM frustrated. I aM frustrated. I aM frustrated. I aM frustrated. I aM frustrated. I aM frustrated. I aM frutrated. I aM frustrated. I aM frustrated. I aM frustrated. I aM frustrated. I aM frustrated. I aM frustrated. I aM frustrated. I aM frustrated. I aM frustrated. I aM frustrated. I aM frustrated. I aM frustrated. I aM frustrated. I aM frustrated. I aM frustrated. I aM frustrated. I aM frustrated. I aM frustrated. I aM frustrated. I aM frustrated. I aM frustrated.


  • susan9316

    Dear Goddess Josephine

    It has been 1 day since my last orgasm.

    Thank you for allowing me release yesterday. It had been 12 days since my prior orgasm. Our call was wonderful.


    1. Meditation

    I am to meditate everyday and i have been doing so. It is very beneficial and i am grateful.

    2. Report on Public Humiliation Assignment

    I completed my public humiliation shopping assignment today. This morning when i showered i made sure to give your sissy stick a fresh shave to be as girlie as possible. When i left work i went to a secluded area of the parking lot and put my pink slip on underneath my white shirt. The lace bodice was somewhat visible and the straps evident under my shirt. Then it was time for my lipstick, a crystal pink with a bit of shine. From there i drove over to Target and prepared to enter. I was a bit nervous but i reminded myself. “Susie Q, this is for your Goddess and it is step on your journey. Be proud of yourself”. With a bit of an aroused sissy stick I got out of my car and headed in.

    I picked up a cart and began to look for the corkscrew that was was my first stop. Passing the Intimates section I did take a quick spin to see where i was headed next. After a few minutes i found the metrokane corkscrew, put it in my cart and headed to the panties section, pleased to have found a gift for you. So sweet but a bit intimidating. The store was not crowded but there were people about. After looking through the selections i picked out two pairs of panties. I hope it is ok that i bought a second pair. One is an soft aqua blue with lace, the second a fuschia, also with lace trim. I placed that in plain sight on top part of the cart as instructed and headed for my next destination – tampons. looked through the options and bought a box a box of Tampax Pearl super tampons. This is a world i don’t know much about but I was in deep at this point. I I placed them next to the panties and headed on to deodorants for women.

    I must confess it was fun to be immersed in this world. I found Secret and bought one with an ooh-la-la lavender scent. I hope that is a good choice for you. An aisle over i spent a good while in the ladies razors section before i found the Close Curves wet-dry shaver. Looking at it later I am a bit jealous of how close this razor will get to be to your body. As you hinted I also bought some Nair for legs and body. The top shelf of my cart was now filled with girl things. I really did want someone to notice and i did get a couple of longish looks but nothing dramatic. One last stop was to get a roll of brown wrapping paper for the things i will be sending to you.

    The more difficult part would be checkout, with my pink lips, slip and a cart full of things for women only. Heading for the checkout i opted for one staffed by a young woman, waited my turn. As i put my things on the counter i gave her a smile and said hello. She rang me up but no other real reaction. I was nervous enough so that when finished i began to walk out of the store without my purchases and she had to call me back. sheepishly i picked up my bag and headed out.

    As i headed home my sissy stick was at full size and i spread out my things on the seat next to me to enjoy on the drive. I kept thinking of the line form the Neil Young song, “it’s the woman in you that makes you want to play these games.”

    When i got home i spread my things out so i could send you a picture of what i bought. i also took a couple of pictures of myself wearing my new panties and also of your sissy stick enjoying the event, fully shaved for you.

    Although I would love to remove all of my body hair and be completely smooth for you that would be a bit of a problem at home. Still, while not an overly hairy sissy, i applied the Nair to the tops of my shoulders and to my upper chest area to remove that ugly man hair. I do love the smooth feel that i have now, a bit at a time i guess.

    Thank you so much for this assignment and the opportunity to do your bidding. Hopefully, i have been able to please you, the Goddess of my dreams.

    3. Shopping for a bag foryou

    I bought you a bag and sent it you.

    You asked how i felt shopping for a bag for you. First a practical notes. The first is that i went into Macy’s to look around and quickly realized that i did not really have enough time to relax with the task. Rather, i was on a bit of a schedule and that would detract from what i was there for.

    Nonetheless, as i entered the store i asked for purses and bags were located and i headed there. There were so many to look at and many of them quite nice. Your sissy stick was a bit aroused that i was shopping for you, for something that you would use and joy. But in addition i was shopping in a women’s section and i was feeling a bit feminine myself. I did not feel quite like i was a man shopping for a woman and displaying my discomfort with such a task. Rather i was looking at the bags and enjoying their look, wanting to touch and hold them up, enjoying being there and breathing in the images around me. That was when i realized i wanted to take more time with the task. i have also begun to appreciate the challenges of style and matching or complimentary colors. Not to mention i was a bit surprised at how much these cost – with $200 and up being quite common. I know you said not to be concerned about cost and i am only noting it to say how little i was aware. All in all, i am looking forward both to finding something i like for you and to spending a bit of time in the world of women’s shopping. When i went later to actually buy a bag i loved being there and buying you and thinking of what i would want for myself.

    4. Request Assignment from you to buy myself a dildo

    You directed my to write and request your assignment to buy myself a dildo. i look forward to your instructions and i will report back on completion of your assignment.

    5. Buying a woman’s deodorant.

    I am to buy myself Secret with lavender scent. I have not yet ocmpleted this but i will soon.

    Thank you for you accepting my devotions.

    susie q


    • Susie I thought I replied to this. I wondered why I had not heard from you. If I do not reply within 48 hours remind me. That is an order.

      Will you be going into a sex shop as part of an assignment to purchase a dildo or do you need to shop online? If you go to a store then we need to plan it as a totally assignment with special instructions.

      Certainly you’ve had enough time to do the rest and report back?

      as for the bag. yes bags can get expensive but I did say to find one I liked and that it did not need to be expensive. You can go to Target, just find one I like.

    • Suzie your bag came today.

  • susan9316

    i am grateful to be in Goddess Josephine’s total control sissy training program and i am so pleased that she has instructed me to post to this site. Goddess has total control of my orgasms and the sissy stick between my legs truly belongs to her. She is helping me to better understand myself in my journey of submission, feminization and emasculation. And she is sooo hot. i have much to learn from her on this sexual and spiritual journey. Take the dare.

    To contribute to this conversation i am posting the following that i recently sent to her:

    Dear Goddess Josephine

    If we can, let’s get the first question out of the way – yes i would love to kiss your ass. for as long as permitted.

    I really do want a dominant woman to control me and i want that woman to be you. i am totally addicted to you and offer you my obedience and submission. I will not orgasm without your permission. Yes, my sissystick is hard so I need some perspective to evaluate the percentages and recognize the duality of desire.

    1) Using your BIGGEST GREATEST sexual fantasy what part do you play? Describe what you look like, what you are wearing, your favorite things to do and how you orgasm in your fantasy. Example: dildo in my ass being fucked by a sexy woman, sucking a man’s dick, etc.

    In my biggest and greatest sexual fantasy I am the plaything of a dominant woman who will use me, exhibit me and command me as she sees fit. My cock is hers to abuse and I will make myself available to accept whatever she chooses. CBT, spanking and more. Beyond this she chooses to take away any claims I might have to being a man. I am feminized, prettied, shaved, scented and offered to others for their amusement and her enjoyment. Her wish is my command.
    On a special day I am reminded that what was once a fantasy of mine is now real. My Goddess has invited her friends for the ceremony of my changeover. For this event I am freshly shaved and perfumed. Goddess puts out my outfit, including a silk ivory colored pair of panties and a matching bra, perhaps a touch of sparkle. There is a pink ribbon on my sissy clitty. My toenails and finger nails are polished red. I slip on my thigh high stockings and I am then dressed in a white miniskirt that moves easily with the breeze and in a pink champagne silk top with a bit of cleavage. Some makeup, blush, mascara, smoky eyes and lipstick. I have an ankle bracelet, a couple of silver bands on my wrist, hoop earrings and a necklace. A touch of Chanel #5. If I need a bit more color, Goddess helps to complete the outfit.
    As my outfit is complete the doorbell rings and I go to welcome Goddess’ friends. Teasing me and telling me how girlie I look, they are looking forward to the evening’s entertainment. Each has a small wrapped package marked “For Susie Q”. Though don’t know exactly what is planned I know my ceremony will be the main event.
    Earlier in the day I had been instructed to empty my closet of all my man things and to set them in separate piles next to each of the chairs around the fire pit. By each chair I have placed a champagne flute. After I have served Goddess’ guests being pinched, fondled and slapped pn my pantied butt Goddess summons me outside to enter the center of the group and start the fire.
    With Goddess’ permission I curtsey to each of the guests and one by one kiss their feet and ask each to place an item or two of my man things into the fire. Beginning again around the group in turn I kiss their thughs just above the knee and ask them to throw more things into the fire. Then I am instructed by Goddess to approach each and ask permission to place my face and nose to their panties and inhale deeply so that I may breathe in the scent of a real woman. As I do I am to beg them to place the last of their piles into the fire.
    Goddess then instructs me to enter the center of the circle and lift my skirt to display my engorged sissy stick. In the center of the circle is a small satin pillow. On it is gold necklace a key. Alongside, a small padlock.
    I ask for permission to remove my panties so that I am naked underneath my skirt, my pink ribbon for girlish decoration.
    With Goddess’ direction I thank everyone for make this such a special moment in helping me to become the sissy girl of my dreams. The packages the women brought are placed before me and I open them one by one. Pretty new panties, bras, lingerie, dresses, shoes. The reality is setting in. I have indeed been feminized and there is no turning back. Though part of me is wanting to take it all back, my sissy clit says otherwise, jutting out and proclaiming how excited I am by it all.
    Goddess says that before the final ceremony there is one more item to be dealt with. She asks me to tell everyone my greatest desire as a new sissy. Goddess says that in the coming months I will be used for her entertainment and that of her friends but this night is for me to choose. She knows that as I have become more girlie, images of sucking the hard cock of a real man increasingly fill my mind.
    Now it can come true but I know I must beg for it and so I do. I go to Goddess and kneel before her. “Dear Goddess, you know I belong only to you but I beg you to allow me to offer myself to a man of your choosing . I want to amuse your friends by taking him into my mouth and becoming a true cocksucking sissy girl. I want to make him hard, take his hot meat into my mouth and taste his hot cum. Please let me do this on this special night”.
    Goddess nods, the ladies applaud and Goddess rings a small bell. As if from no where a gorgeous man appears and enters the circle. Trembling I kneel before him, loosen his belt and let his pants slide to the floor. As I take him into my hand his cock begins to stiffen, My sissy stick is as hard as it gets. First tentatively and then with growing urgency I take him into my mouth. With the encouragements of the ladies I take him as deep as I can and work him to the edge. The flashes of cameras remind me just how far down this path I have now traveled. Too soon he begins to thrust and his hot cum fills my mouth. Swallowing as much as I can, I savor the moment .

    Soon Goddess tells me that it is time for a toast. Everyone’s champagne glasses are full except mine. She tells me that as everyone will count down from ten to zero and at zero I am to fill my glass with my sissy cream. TEN, NINE ,EIGHT SEVEN SIX FIVE FOUR THREE TWO ONE ZERO – SQUIRT! Aaahhhh. Don’t spill a drop.
    One more thing before we drink, and she hands me a small package. “You are truly my sissy girl, I am now the sole owner of your sissy stick and I love you for your submission to me”. I open it to find a chastity device and a note telling me to put it on and lock it in place with the padlock on the satin pillow. As I click the lock shut I gaze gratefully at Goddess and kneel before her. She bows her head slightly and I place the necklace with the key around her neck. Lifting my flute of sissy cream, I offer a toast to my supreme Goddess.

    Now then, she says, clean up around here while my friends and I discuss some plans for your future.

  • Thomas

    I recently signed up as one of Goddess Josephine’s femdom control program. My first public humiliation assignment was to be a panty shopping assignment, which got me very excited because what sissy does not what to buy more panties! Little did I know that there were several more steps involved than just a purchase. The day before our shopping date, Goddess sent me instructions to purchase a cat collar with a bell and to adorn her property in my panties with it for our trip. The slight constricting action of the collar made me even more aware of her cock as it strained for release. On the way there I reported in and found out about a little detour. Goddess Josephine instructed me to go to an adult store and check in by messaging. Once there the instructions arrived that I was to ask for help in finding a butt plug harness and plug! The worker was a great beer bellied biker Santa Claus dude, and asking him for help in find that item made this sissy blush and at the same time got Goddess’s property crying for release. Alas, after much searching, no harness, so I had to settle for a plain plug, which I thought would be better at the time, but I was wrong.

    After reporting my purchase came the dreaded but expected instruction to put the plug in and leave it in all day. Into a truck stop bathroom, lube on, plug in (pressure on prostate make her property feel as if its going to cry again), now for that picture she required… toilette paper. Trying to hold a smart phone with lubed hands and trying to stay inconspicuous as others come and go while jingle, jingle, jingle. Don’t let the panties show below the stall! Then the plug shoots out when I lose concentration! Fortunately it runs down my pants rather than on the nasty floor. Back in it goes. That picture never got made Goddess.

    On to the store. Goddess Josephine had instructed me about a specific bra and panty set to buy, and I had to ask for instructions. Once inside I had to take a few minutes to calm myself. Too flushed and heart racing. I ask the lady; turns out she doesn’t work there. How embarrassing. To make matters worse she really tries to help me find my items, holding up many sets of bras and panties for my inspection and calling loudly to the store clerk to come help me. Panties found, the clerk drifts away. Now I am in my element. Instructions were to but at least 3 more pair of panties, but I am a panty slut and by six, seven?, more, as well as a camisole, another bra and a garter belt.

    Now to the make up counter. I am to buy pink lipstick. I look over the selection furtively, and pantomime consultation with my smart phone, my excuse ready that I was sent to but some shade by my girl. I pick one out and go to check out- what a relief, the check out person is a transvestite. She is as tall as I am (over six feet). In my excitement I ask for her card, which I received, and a picture together, which she politely declined.

    My next instruction was to put on my new bra, try on the lipstick, and order some food from a drive through. My pale pink lipstick was much pinker than I thought! I order my food, a chicken sandwich, in relative anonymity. Nervously I contemplated it, you see, Goddess forbids me to stroke or cum with out permission, and I needed to cum badly. But the only way I was allowed was to cum on that sandwich and consume it all. Not sure of the legalities of stroking into a sandwich in broad daylight, I checked in to a hotel. Goddess Josephine was disappointed, but I made some good pictures of that sandwich for her, and of its ultimate fate…you know it tasted just like chicken.

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