Sissy Assignments

I offer several options for Sissy Assignments. Assignments are perfect to do when you can not call or inbetween calls. They can be lighthearted and fun or very strict and humiliating. I am highly experienced with complex humiliation. Although most opt to use the phone, this doesn’t mean I can’t email instructions and expect you to follow-up with detail reports.

Although I will consider your special request ultimately I will take control and guide you in the direction that makes me happy. I will respect limits and I won’t ever make you do something that will jeopardize your already existing relationships or get you in trouble. The purpose of the assignments is to have naughty fun for BOTH of us.

Please read carefully your options below.


Humiliated Sissy Boot Camp

This is a large program that includes instructions and 5 sissy audios. This is an instant download. With the program you are instructed how to select a pre-made assignment given in the program. You complete the assignment and email me a report for a reward or punishment.  This is a stock program, however it is also possible to slightly customize it.  Humiliated Sissy Boot Camp as it sits, without customizing is HIGHLY humiliated and considered somewhat advance for the very naughty humiliation whore.  It is possible to purchase this program to set up your rules, your tools and then purchase custom assignments (see below) in conjunction. This allows for deeper customization to meet your needs and to purchase additional assignments for Humiliated Sissy Boot Camp. This program includes instructions, audios, 10 assignments, 10 punishments and 10 rewards.  The interesting part is how they are selected. CLICK HERE TO BUY Humiliated Sissy Boot Camp $100.00

Email Assignments

$40.00 CLICK HERE  – To BUY an assignment 

Each Pay Per View Assignment will cost you $40.00 which will include one assignment (according to your fetishes), one report back to me and a reward or punishment. The reward or punish could be an email or a short audio. Most of the audios are teasing and permit you to edge or have an orgasm. Just remember that you having an orgasm is always going to be my choice. Some great ideas for assignments could be:

  • Pre-Call Foreplay – How about a naughty assignment before a call? You can do your assignment days before your call and then get your reward or punishment real time on the phone.
  •  Chastity and orgasm control. Be clear how much control you need and we can design a weekly program to control that cock!
  • Sissy Training- weekly assignment with instructions and or sissy training. You can get a new training lesson every week or once a month. Whatever your budget it.
  • Flirting- Just a fun tease to break up your week. If you’d rather not do an assignment per se then ask (beg) for a sexy teasing email or quick audio.
  • Ongoing Mistress Experience – Real slave pet training

To purchase an assignment  you will be taken to the custom audio store. This doesn’t mean you’ll get an audio, its just an easy way for you to pay online. If you feel better you can also call dispatch at 800-601-6975.

$40.00 CLICK HERE  – To BUY an assignment 

If you have already PAID for an assignment CLICK HERE to fill out the assignment form. If you fill it out without paying for an assignment FIRST your IP will be blocked. I do this to avoid spam and to make sure YOU follow instructions.



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