Sissification and Erotic Humiliation
By Goddess Josephine

Most sissies adore erotic humiliation. Although some might enjoy hardcore verbal humiliation (being called a worthless piece of shit.) Most sissies prefer erotic embarrassment. Sissy space is passive and sometimes it hard for a sissy to move into that space when he’s expected to be dominant in his ordinary life. Therefore steps are taken to adjust that machismo and bring him down into sissy sub space. Layer upon layer is stripped to slowly and erotically bring the sissy down into total sissy subjugation. The machismo elimination is a ritual of words, adornments and assignments.

The very first step in this ritual is removing the male clothes and having the sissy present his naked body to the mistress for evaluation. This is starts the flush of humiliation and the first layer of macho is stripped. All sissies must be shaved and free from male body hair. The first time a sissy is shaved I prefer to do it myself. Afterwards the sissy maintains a nice clean shaved or waxed “clitty” and legs. Facial hair is never permitted. Once clean shaven the sissy is reminded that his body is property, a possession, especially the little clitty and girlie hole (asshole). The sissy must be reminded each and every time he is brought into sissy space.

The next step is putting panties on the sissy. Although I prefer silky ruffled rumba style panties, any silky panties will due. The moment those panties make contact with the little clitty it instantly becomes erect. This combination; panties and erection, throws the sissy deeper into sissy sub space. The sissy becomes acutely aware that he is no longer male. Anything added beyond this point only deepens the sissy experience.

Erotic humiliation keeps the sissy mindful of his position as sissified property. Depending on the type of sissy, doll, maid, whore or sissy girlfriend, the “mindful” steps are decided along with assignments. Below are some of the steps and assignments I might use to keep the sissy “mindful”, however each sissy is handled individually and uniquely.

  • The Sissy Maid obviously must wear a maids outfit. The maid has defined responsibilities that include personal care for the Mistress/Owner and housework. Still its vital to maintain that sissy sub space with erotic acts of humiliation otherwise the maid might move back into an undesirable head space. Keeping the sissy passive will insure that the job gets done correctly! To do this I might insert a feather duster into the sissy’s girlie hole and order him to dust furniture. Of course I’ll supervise and laugh my ass off. I might also invite a friend over for lunch and have the sissy serve us. This is especially embarrassing when it’s a MALE friend. Of course I might also let them watch the “dusting” game while we all sit around sipping cocktails. I might insert a pussy plug into her girlie hole or a wireless remote control vibrating egg. If I’m doing a remote sissy session I’ll use an inflatable butt plug and have the sissy inflate gradually over the course of a few hours while cleaning the house. I can easily inspect and supervise via web cam.


  • The Sissy Doll is dressed to be displayed. The more sissified the outfit the better. This article won’t go into all the doll types but a general idea and examples of erotic humiliation for sissy dolls. Wearing exaggerated sissified clothing is humiliating enough. Allowing your friends to see your dolls is intense for a sissy doll, especially when you ask the doll to lift “her” skirt so your friends can see her pretty panties. Of course this very well could cause a “clitty erection” which is embarrassing for everyone. When this happens I immediately teach the doll a lesson by forcing the doll to masturbate in front of everyone. Squirting into her hand and then properly disposing the clitty juice or messing in her panties. Dolls are subjugated to public humiliation. Sometimes these are out and out exhibitions or other times its more subtle. I may dress a doll in a full outfit and take her out or I might put lace ankles socks on with her boy clothes while we go out to lunch. Imagine being dressed in a business suit with ruffled ankle socks and dangling earrings!


  • The Sissy Whore/Slut is dressed provocatively and with the sole intention of being used for sex. I may have a doll that is also a whore. It is essential to keep the whore mindful at all times with heavy doses of erotic humiliation. Unreasonably high “Come Fuck Me” heels, red lipstick, stockings and garters, short skirts, and large “fuck-able” titties is the uniform of a whore . The whore must not only keep mindful but practice over and over sucking a dildo and fucking her girlie hole. Whores are used to keep Bull cock drained and to earn extra money and or favors for the owner. The whore mantra rings in her ears keeping her mindful of her position in your world; “You dirty little whore!”, “You’re a cum bucket whore.”, “Dirty Cock Sucking Whore.” and many more!


  • Sissy girlfriends also need erotic humiliation in order to keep a feminine dynamic and machismo at bay . This is often done with clothes, names (sweetie, little girl, sweet cheeks) and sharing in feminine rituals such as menstruation, flirting with boys, singing and dancing for Mistress. I like to have my SBF (sissy best friend) over for a slumber party. The sissy wears cute PJ’s and then we might hop on the internet and I’ll teach her how to make the boys crazy! SBF’s are little prick teasers because they are not really whores but enjoy getting men excited but do nothing about it.

I love my sissies and there are so many fun things to do with a well trained sissy, however nothing is more exciting then watching them blush for me.



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